Fitting Rates

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  • New carpets fitted at competitive rates (£40 minimum room charge) Stair charges and furniture moving apply.
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  • Carpet re adaption - carpet fitted at competitive rates (£40 minimum room charge) Stair charges and furniture moving apply.
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  • Cushion floor/ Vinyl flooring at competitive rates. (£40 minimum room charge)
Swansea New Carpet Fitting Service

Have your new carpet fitted by the professionals for a smoother, neater finish and a prolonged life for your carpet too. For a beautifully smooth finish and neatly fitting edges and corners, you can rely on A Broom Flooring.

Swansea Carpet Re-adaptation Service

There’s no need to waste an old carpet just because it has one worn patch. We can take an existing carpet in your home, move it, re-shape it and re-fit to another room or even the stairs.

Swansea Carpet Re-Laying Service

If you’ve had to lift a carpet for house repairs or decorating and you are now having trouble getting it back down again, let the Swansea carpet professional re-fit it for you to ensure that it is returned just the way it was or even better.

Swansea Carpet Re-Stretching Service

Older carpets may move and become crinkled. If they do, they will wear out much quicker so extend the life of your carpet by having us re-stretch and re-fit it, nice and neat again.

Swansea Cushion floor/ Vinyl flooring Laying Service

We fit all types of flooring and can provide a professional finish to kitchens and bathrooms by fitting your Cushion or vinyl flooring for you. Our professional Swansea flooring services are available for all types of floor coverings throughout the home.

Swansea Safety Floor Fitting Service for businesses

For extra safety in potentially wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens or perhaps children’s play area or nursery, or other businesses where customers could slip and require safety flooring. We have the experience to fit slip resistant safety floorings that will help keep your business customers safe.